BTB-400 Cellophane wrapping machine(New type)

Prouduct Introduction:
The machine adopts multi-function digital frequency variable speed stepless speed regulation, PLC programming control technology, automatic box, automatic counting, touch display to achieve man-machine interface, pneumatic falling film; machine by a series of internal cam Rods and components to complete the work, and can be used with other production lines. Applicable to all kinds of large boxes of goods in the industry or a number of small box items collection of film packaging (with gold pull line).

Main technical parameters:

Packing Material BOPP film and gole tear tape
Packing speed 10 ~ 25 packs/min
Packing size (L) 300 × (W) 200 × (H) 100 mm
Electric Supply & Power 380V 50Hz  5.5kw
Dimensions 2380*1050*1680(mm)
Conveyor belt 1570 * 400 * 800mm
Weight 1250kg
Application Single or multi-box