BTB-300H new high-speed transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine

This machine is suitable for automatic film packaging (with gold wire) of single box items in various industries. The overall frame of this machine is made of carbon steel spray-painted, with a floor-standing multi-open safety door structure. It adopts a flat push box structure, which makes it easy to replace the mold. The adjustment distance is hand-cranked in many places to adjust the size, which greatly saves the time of changing the mold. The fixed film is The air-expanding shaft roller is fixed, making film replacement easier and faster.
Performance features:
1. When replacing the mold, there is no need to adjust the height of the work surfaces on both sides of the machine, and there is no need to disassemble and assemble the discharging chain or hopper. The four-hour mold replacement time of the traditional machine is shortened to only 30 minutes now.
2. Using a new double insurance mechanism, there is no need to shut down the machine when the machine is running out of synchronization, and other parts will not be damaged.
3. The original one-way hand crank device prevents reverse shaking of the machine, and the hand wheel will not rotate during operation, making the operator safer.
4. Fully sealed acrylic cover, which is dustproof, safe, beautiful, easy to observe and easy to maintain.
5. The imported stainless steel integrated countertop has the advantages of high flatness and no scratching of the carton.
6. Adopt a new multi-layer suction-assisted lower film to eliminate the traditional line winding and truly make the film not afraid of static electricity.
7. Tile-type rapid tensioning film reel, film replacement is efficient and simple.
The main technical parameters:

Packaging Materials

BOPPBOPP smoke film and gold wire

packaging speed


Package Size


Power supply and total power

220V 50Hz  5kw

Machine weight


Machine dimensions